Moving an older adult's home.

Friday Feb 07th, 2020


Clutter. Stuff. Antiques. Treasures. Junk. 

Even if it's hidden, most of us have it. And many of us know from helping parents or grandparents downsize, that there is a LOT of it out there. Most of it we don't even want. Much of it isn't even worth anything. And there is a mountain of it. A few treasured items can be passed on to family, and many items can be donated. But sometimes it's just too much to do on your own.

If you need professional assistance, Organizing Lives is our trusted resource. These pros will get the items organized, boxed, labelled and ready to go wherever you need. 

Planning for your future? Here is some advice on what to do right now, to prevent your kids from being overwhelmed at clearing out your "stuff" one day. Organizing Lives will also help you set up systems and get and stay organized in your home. 

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